DEC 08 2015

Cartier Santos Replica Watches

Cartier watches

11When it comes to the Cartier watches, you may know about the Cartier Santos, and here we will learn more about the Cartier Santos 1904.

In 1904, Alberto Santos-Dumont made complaints to Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier as watches were hang on the neck while people could not free up their hands to take a look at the pocket watch and it was also difficulty to look at the watch while hands were busy with manipulation in the plane panel. So he suggested that Cartier could invent a leather belt and a clasp on the watch so that people can wear it. Since then, Santos-Dumont wore this watch all the time to record time on the plane. Alberto Santos-Dumont is acknowledged as the father of Brazilian aviation. Due to his suggestion, Cartier gained great fame in a short time. At that time, people asked what did he wear on this hand, and he said this was a watch.

As Alberto Santos-Dumont dacilitated the development of aviation, cartier watches replica become popular and started its cooperation with Swiss movement producer–Jaeger-LeCoultre , and produce a great deal of Santos watches and named watches after Santos. This definitely is a great and big success, but with time goes by the situation changed. With the breakup of war, the watch market changed when military who requires a round case made great orders to watch producers, then Santos sale decline and this demand gave birth to another Mark series. In 1936, Mark Pilot came to exist. But it wouldn’t be denied that Santos is a classic. Now cartier women’s watches replica has a bunches of Santos with different size and styles, and it is still the first pilot watch. Although it never flied to the blue sky like it before, its great achievement and that period of history should never be forgotten.